I’ve used the free version of the LoseIt! App to lose over 30 pounds. I am confident it can be a useful tool for anyone looking to lose weight in a healthy, balanced way. Please note this is not sponsored by LoseIt and is truly based on my own experience. Here are my fave features that I use daily in LoseIt!

  • Weight Sync- My LoseIt! account is synced with my Renpho scale. This means, when I weigh in each morning my weight is input into LoseIt! and therefore my calorie settings are adjusted based on my updated weight.
  • Barcode Scanner- Yes, I love whole foods that don’t have barcodes. However, I do eat lots of foods that have barcodes. It is so easy to use the barcode scanner in LoseIt, then adjust the portion I am having. It uploads the cals and macros right away.
  • Macro Counter- When you review the ‘My Day’ page on LoseIt! you can swipe left (or select macronutrients from the drop down) and it will show you your fat, protein, and carb percentages and grams for the day. This is super helpful when I am prioritizing protein.
  • Recipes- Do you have favorite meal prep recipes? Then saving them as recipes is for you! You can create a big batch recipe and reuse it again and again throughout the week. It’s also a great way to record your recipes so you can make them later.

Those are my fave parts of LoseIt! If you’re on the app let me know what hacks you love! Or, if you’re new to the app and have questions, let me know below. I’d be happy to help anyone getting started in the app.

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