I keep hearing about the ‘Quarantine 15’ and endless snacking that’s happening during Covid quarantine. While that kind of sounds fun, I thought about it differently and was able to lose 30 pounds thus far in quarantine. Here’s how:

I stopped going out to eat and shopped strategically. This seems obvious. Where I live most restaurants shut down for a while. Could I have gotten takeout? Sure. But, it was safer, healthier, and less expensive to cook at home for a bit. This was an easy way to eliminate calories. Then, I only purchased healthy, goal oriented foods to keep in the house.

I started counting calories. I’d done this before in the past and had success, so I jumped back in. I use the free version of the LoseIt! app. I love that I can scan food bar codes and create recipes to look back on and remake. Plus, recording everything I ate kept snacking at bay and helped me choose more nutrient dense options to fulfill my goals.

I started moving my body. As apart of a challenge I committed to moving my body every day for at least 30 minutes. Some days that means a long jog or an intense hiit class, other days it was gardening or walking the dog. But I did it for 30 minutes every day. 30 minutes is only 2% of your day. Plus, working from home meant no more 1.5 hours of commuting, so I knew I had no excuses not to get that 30 minutes in.

I gained momentum. The first week is the hardest and here’s why: once you start to see results it is easier to stick with it. Once the first 5 lbs came off I knew I felt better. I knew the changes were working. That made sticking with it so much easier. I wanted more of that feeling more than I wanted more Ben & Jerry’s.

Now, it’s your turn. I want to help you feel as great as I am. I want to help you lose those lbs that you’ve been gaining and losing over and over again. It’s time, friend. You deserve it. Click here to get started today.

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