Anyone else get super motivated by a great podcast? Sometimes the right podcast is all it takes to pull me out of procrastination mode and into serious productivity. These geniuses and their guests not only show us the possibilities of where we can go, but also how to get there. So, if you’re just not feeling it, pop in your ear buds and go for a quick walk with one of these shows. I bet you get back to your desk ready to take on the world. I am ALWAYS looking for new, motivating business podcasts so please leave your favorites in the comments.  ♡ Kala

The powerhouse entrepreneurial siblings Alli Webb and Michael Landau behind Drybar host Raising the Bar. Their guests represent inspiring success stories (hey Jen Gotch) and new, exciting businesses looking for mentorship. I love how Alli is never afraid to ask tactical, straightforward questions and how Michael is always ready to strategize a growth plan. They truly seem like they want to use what they’ve learned to help growing businesses, and I can’t get enough.

Fun story: I studied abroad with Erica Eckman (host of Share Your Shine) and have LOVED watching her meteoric rise to a powerhouse foodie influencer and total boss. Erica and her sister Melissa share their own entrepreneurial success stories, and have some incredible guests that cover a range of topics from mental health to influencer marketing. They’ve had candid conversations with Jamie Otis about gratitude, creating a business you’re passionate about with Mary Oschsner, to redirecting your career with Andrew East. I love how the Share Your Shine podcasts feels like a casual conversation with their incredibly successful inner circle.

Here is the deal: Jessica Zweig is a personal branding guru. I could not get enough of following her and the Simply Be Agency on instagram, and then by some stroke of luck the Simply Be. Podcast came into existence. Solo episodes are full of tactical advice on how to grow your success, and when Jessica has guests, you know they’re going to be so so good (Lori Harder anyone?!). While I totally came for the business, I stayed for the personal stories. Jessica does not hesitate to share her big fails and rock bottoms, and how she recovered and grew from them. Plus, she just added tons of off-podcast content for listeners and I cannot wait to dive in.

Brittny King came into my world at 6 am on a spin bike with an insane playlist and positivity that just wouldn’t quit. Fast forward a few years and she’s taken her infectious, uplifting vibes to iTunes with the Positively Real Podcast. Yes, she keeps it completely real and provides tactical, helpful ways to keep your vibrations high. While some might say ‘but this isn’t business’ I firmly disagree. Happiness and positivity are essential to me bringing my best self and motivation into what I’m working on. I use this podcast when I need a lift up to get my mind right.

You knew it was coming, right? The queen of content, Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast is a constant in my life. I truly believe that there is a full master’s degree worth of information in the archives of this podcast. Both the depth and breadth of this podcast blow my mind, and to see the insane success Jenna has achieved is so inspiring to me. I use the episodes of Goal Digger as a reference book any time I have a marketing question. Thanks for the second MBA, Jenna!

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